31 October, 2011

Mari Mengenal Abjad

Anda mungkin tercari-cari program yang sesuai untuk peringkat awal persekolahan ini. Jom kita layari laman web berikut. Aktivitinya sesuai dengan anak-anak didik kita. Sekurang-kurangnya adalah masa untuk kita curi masa sedikit untuk melepaskan lelah...hehehe...kita sudah cari bahan ini lebih awal, jadi tidak salahkan kalau kita berehat sekejap dari membebelkan kanak-kanak. Maklum kerja advance ni...
  1. ABC's - Click on the letter to hear its name.
  2. ABC's - Click on the letter to hear its name.
  3. ABC's - British site; the lower case D'Neilian style letters appear one at a time and the name of the letter is stated. Z is pronounced zed in Britian.
  4. ABC - magnet alphabet video
  5. ABC Video - Teach your child the sounds of letters with this online movie based on the Reading Lesson
  6. ABC Mommy and Me - Click on the letters to hear their names.
  7. The ABC Game - Pick the object that starts with the letter shown at the top of each page. This game has 10 questions
  8. The Alphabet - States the Alphabet in order. This is a British site and the Zis not called a Z. When you click on the letters across the top, you have a choice of listening to the name, listening to the sound, learning how to write the letter.
  9. Alphabet Antics - Listen to the monkey say the letter. Click on the correct letter. Three levels.
  10. Alphabet Art - A few fun mediums you can use to help your students form letters of the alphabet.

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